SugarCRM – An Open Source Customer Relationship Management

Technological advancement has made it possible for a company to implement CRM that overlooks pre-sales and post-sales records. Marketing, sales force, technical help, customer call center and field services are the critical areas that can now be controlled through CRM. The system aims at improving the feedback from different sectors of the company. Accessing the results will be helpful for a company to make necessary changes that will yield good returns in the end. SugarCRM is the latest entrant into the market.

The platform is built on both commercial open source and open source. Marketing campaigns, activepieces sales force automation, customer support, mobile CRM, collaboration, reporting and social CRM are major functionalities of the application. There a total of 5 different editions available in the market. Users can select the best among all depending on their requirement and business needs. Sugar Community is the base of the edition and Sugar Corporate, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate are next level editions that are open to various businesses. Though the code tree is similar for all the editions, the features that are present will vary from one to another.

The best of SugarCRM is that, it can be adapted to any kind of business – small, medium and large. The rich features and the endless functionality the software offers, plusiliminus will elevate how a business records feedback and checks for performances in different key areas. The easy to use interface is elevated to a whole new level. The ease of customization is another important factor and a plus factor for the software to gain tremendous response from the market. According to the need of a business, sanidad the browser page can be completely customized, making it easy to record and retrieve information at any point.

As the software is built on open source platform, editorlistings it has enabled third party developers to further enhance its functionality. Many number of plug-ins are available across the market place that further eases the entire operation of CRM. These plug-ins are thoroughly tested before they are made available through Sugar Network. Integration of these applications is quite easy. Migration to SugarCRM is possible for any business from different CRM applications that are available in the market. This will enhance the presence of a business and the ability to meet the requirement of a customer.

SugarCRM customization is pretty easy. Selection, biztrophy implementation and deployment are carried out by trained professionals. Complete solutions are provided to a business to meet the demands of a customer. Integration is carried out as software-as-a-service model or as enterprise server model. It all depends on what a business is seeking and how well the organization is established in the market. Upgradation is also possible in any of the edition. A company can plan the upgradation according to the demand from the customer. The web application records data, maintains, businessresource and retrieves the same irrespective of time and location.


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