Influencing Consumer Behavior Through Digital Marketing

Businesses are finally catching on! The need to move online has finally been taking seriously. Companies are moving to the internet quite rapidly and those who haven’t yet are definitely intending to. A 2010 spending report that compared  different trends from US and UK companies provided some great proof that social media and digital marketing is the way to go.

The survey provided that 46% of companies planned on increasing their overall marketing budget, and that 70% of them were specifically planning on increasing their budgets for offsite social media sites. These sites included Facebook, Twitter and Twitter. While clearly this shows an increased desire to market more, more importantly it singles out the need to invest more money into social media sites. More info visit

What exactly is digital marketing and does It help influence consumer behavior? Digital marketing is the process of using different channels to reach consumer’s. It is the act of promoting and selling your brand using digital forms of advertising. Such forms include radio, television, internet and even cell phones. Traditionally many companies were reluctant to use this type of marketing as well as social media because of the lack of return on investment and knowledge of it. But slowly companies are slowly starting to invest time and money into understanding these procedures. The 2010 report even provided that a majority of companies claimed to have a good understanding of digital marketing on investment.


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